For business or leisure! Make the most of your time!

Start enjoying the sights
as soon as you arrive!

A smooth, efficient way to start our trip!
Let us deliver your baggage straight to where you’re staying.
A smooth, efficient way to start our trip!

Get the most out of your trip with
EZ Travel’s convenient service.

Heavy baggage makes it
hard to enjoy our trip.

Having to go to the hotel
before we can even check in
is such a waste of time.

Let EZ Travel take care of your heavy baggage.
Enjoy a stress-free trip without worrying about your bags.

Suitcase Carrier
EZ Travel

・Nankai Electric Railway Namba Station
・Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Namba Station
・Kintetsu Railway Osaka-Namba Station
・JR Namba Station

Baggage delivery to
your hotel or other location


Using the Service

Request pickup

Use the reservation form to select the pickup location and date/time

Drop off baggage at
Namba Station

Our staff will meet you at the designated location to pick up your baggage.

Delivery to location

We’ll deliver your baggage to where you’re staying.
Simply ask for your baggage when checking in.

Request pickup using the simple request form!

Make a reservation

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Reasons to
Choose EZ Travel


EZ Travel is completely insured, so you will be fully compensated for any damage to your belongings.
We are also licensed as a light cargo transportation provider.

No need to worry
about baggage

Enjoy your trip without having to waste time dropping off baggage where you’ll be staying.


EZ Travel uses foreign language translation software to ensure our services can be used easily by anyone from anywhere in the world.

Paying in advance makes
using the service even easier!

Completing payment when making a reservation means all you have to do is hand over your baggage.
This eliminates the need to pay that day and to carry around extra cash!


Not having to take my heavy bags to the hotel first gave me more time to enjoy my trip!
Everything was really smooth, too, which was incredibly helpful.

When going on a family trip, the children’s bags were really cumbersome, so not having to deal with the extra weight made everything incredibly smooth!

This service is super convenient!
Being able to drop off our baggage and have it delivered straight to the hotel made our trip so much easier. Thank you so much!

I was traveling with my grandmother, and this service really took all the worrying out of the trip.
I’d definitely use it again.

Drop-off Locations


Less than 130 cm
(Total linear measurement)

Small baggage

1,500 yen

130 cm or more
(Total linear measurement)

Large baggage

2,000 yen


Backpacks, overnight bags, etc.

Additional baggage

+ 1,000 yen

North of Yodo River; Sakai City

Out-of-area delivery

+ 1,000 yen


For 5 or more
pieces of baggage

20% off!

Standard Area

North of Yodo River; Sakai City
Out-of-area delivery
+ 1,000 yen
Don’t hesitate to ask!